Carbon Footprints!

Natures violent effect has a reason of thought behind it, the reason is the depriving world whose extremities is a direct target on nature without any vigilance.

Words are less to describe the condition of world at the moment, we all have been under the constant threat of our activities without thinking about its environmental impact. One such thing is Carbon Footprints.

What exactly are carbon footprints?

A carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

We are already known to global warming and greenhouse effect and its impact on the fast-growing world but still day-to-day things have been getting worse because of the paced development of the industrial and modern world where luxury matters over everything else.

A responsible citizen should be well known to the effects of increasing carbon footprints and even doing the bare minimum can make a big difference. 

Ways your life impact on the daily footprint:

  • Travelling long for work in a car/bike consumes fuel which on daily basis averages a lot for a month, fuel is one of the major things that contribute to the carbon footprints. All you can do is using a public transport or carpooling in order to save fuel and a bit of money too.  Incorporate walking or biking to some of your regular short-trip destinations. In most instances, you can walk a mile in less than 20 minutes. This is a great way to add exercise to your busy schedule.

  • We tend to keep extra lights or fans on at our house even when there is no one at home, this leads to waste of electricity. We don’t really care about such small things because we are unaware that using electricity also adds to the carbon footprints but in an immediate effect we should because such unnoticed things make up a huge contribution to the footprints.

  • Plastic waste is the biggest contributor to the addition of carbon footprints, it is not only affecting the environment but its effects are depleting the environments quality. Try using less plastic for basic stuff like drinking waster in plastic bottles or packing lunch in plastic boxes as such daily life activities make a major difference overall. In simple worlds, less plastic usage means less carbon footprints.

  • As a fact, shopping can make a huge difference your daily carbon emission. First of all, travelling long for shopping is a factor then buying something with excessive packaging leads to more plastic use. Try to go for recycled items and thrifts, which actually prove to be pocket-friendly. Also try using reusable bags for shopping always.

  • Avoid Air Travel as long as it is possible. Right at the moment, airline is a booming industry but the matter of fact many are unaware about it that it leaves a lot of carbon footprints due to the fuel usage for such heavy mode of transportation, which pollutes the environment till no extent.

  • Another big daily factor is food, eating less on the food chains makes a difference. Your food habits make a big difference. Try avoiding or ensure minimal consumption of meat and dairy as they contribute a lot to the footprints. Such perishable foods are transported on daily basis and also need cold storages for their storage which leads to overuse of electricity and fuel. Try buying such food stuff from a local farm. Switching to organic food is a healthier and an environment friendly option. Try to reduce your food waste as it leads to further decaying. Try to compost off your food waste, which might prove to be a good option.

When we are unaware of such small daily life activities affecting the environment on larger scale, it doesn’t matter a lot to us but after being alarmed about it we try to be more cautious.

Such smalls things make a difference, so small changes in daily lifestyle will prove to make an impact. Make everyone around you aware of such effects and let everyone do their level best to make the world once again a better place to live in.

Arham Shah


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