Combating The Rising Tide of Plastic Pollution: Beach Clean Ups

Under the dawning colorful sky amidst the sun going down slowly, shining bright like a lamp, the mesmerizing scenic beauty in the backdrop, the sweet melodious chirping of birds giving it a soft peaceful layout in the drop of nature, the golden sand giving it an effect of the idealistic getaway at the seashore holding hands and sparking the love with the healing beauty of nature, with cold breeze touching the skin, high waves up and down the shore, what a romantic getaway at the beach! Isn’t it? 

Not really, would you ever do that in a beach which is polluted, plastic bottles lying everywhere, trash thrown at every nook and cranny, no right?

We imagine beaches to be perfect because of the vivid thoughts we have about their beauty. In the growing times, we can hardly find such beaches because most of them are polluted to no extent.

People come to the beaches to experience the beauty but ultimately end up ruining the charm of the beaches.

The rate at which beaches are getting polluted is alarming. The filth beaches are filled with affects the ecosystem equally with a majority of it getting washed into the oceans or seas affecting the marine life and causing an environmental imbalance.

The environmental problems of the world are piling up day-by-day by the atrocities of human activities, the humankind still lacks knowledge that these cruel acts will end up as a repulsive force to themselves. 

What exactly are beach cleanups?

  • Beach cleanup is basically an activity done on individual basis or with association to an NGO or any social initiative, which includes cleaning up of beaches to combat the rise of plastic pollution, contributing to the environment in every major way. The youth need to step up in such problematic times in order to ensure a good and sustainable future.

  • We read about all kinds of pollution in our day-to-day lives, from textbooks to magazines but we don’t take any initiatives to save the world and do good for it. Participating in beach clean ups is a small way in contributing to it and doing our good. These are held once or twice a week so by giving and doing the bare minimum you are contributing to a social cause.

  • Any number of volunteers are invited, everything ranging from gloves to bags for filling the trash are arranged by the organizers. 

  • Beach cleanup helps us understanding the aggravating problem more accurately. It not only helps us developing negative and positive aspects it helps also in developing alternatives to the problems.

  • At the end of the clean up, all the trash collected is disposed off safely by the Government workers. 

Addressing the major growing problem of pollution, beach clean ups are really small initiatives to tackle this issue but they do surely have a lasting impact.  Few hours of the week contributed to cleaning of the golden sands of nature are totally worth it.

The work for good cause by the social community spreads harmony and incites youth to actively take part.

One such beach cleanup initiative is Change Is Us, Mumbai- founded by Akshat Shah and Shubh Mehta. Change Is Us conducts beach clean ups at Girgaum Chowpatty on a weekly basis, involving a large number of people from all age groups, together working for the social good.

Their first beach cleanup dated to 21st July, ’19 having 18 volunteers and now having a strength of more than 1500+ volunteers over the years. They have successful inculcated social values and have been an inspiration for numerous people.

On a weekly basis, new people have been adding up to this initiative and it is free of cost, too. These two young men have been a hit at making people realize the importance of beaches and the need to keep it clean.

In over 75+ weeks of running operations, they have also actively organized food runs (providing food to the needy), pad distribution drives and donation drives.

The visionary of the two guys at such a young age is just a small step towards revolution. Right now, is the time, to turn those plastic-dumped lands back to scenic paradises.

Join us in our initiative to save humans from killing themselves, join Change Is Us today.

Arham Shah


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