Upcycling Your Clothes

Fast fashion, something not everyone knows but once you come to know about it, you get in terms with the booming industry of fashion, where clothes are mass produced and thrown together in landfills causing so much pollution.

“I need to go shopping, I don’t have clothes to wear.”

“Yes, even I don’t have anything to wear, let's just go for shopping. Oh, that shop in the mall have dropped their new winter collection, which looks something we shouldn’t miss out on it!"

Honestly, this small conversation feels like a very common thing we say and hear daily. The urge of shopping hits us to a different mode which just hypes up our mood.

We all do love shopping a lot, hut all what we miss out commonly is that where do our old clothes go which we just throw away ruthlessly when we are just done with them.

As a responsible citizen you would obviously think about the ways to get rid of fast fashion, out of which one of them is cycle up your clothes, which provides a solution being environment friendly and pocket friendly.

Here are a few ways to cycle up your clothes:

  1. Tie-Dying

Tie-Dying had seen a resurgence recently, all due to platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, especially because it’s so affordable and easy to do. You can just use your old, light-coloured t shirts and show of your creativity by tie-dying it with a bunch of ecstatic colours you love, and just create a new t-shirt sitting at home. You get tie-dye kits available on online e-commerce websites easily. This summer just flaunt your bright coloured tie-dye t-shirt at the beaches, enjoying the waves.

  1. Painting Fabric

It does offer a lot of versatility. You can paint on just about any fabric with regular acrylic paint, but if you use fabric or add textile designs to acrylic, your design will last through a lot more washes. You can just paint a fabric of any design you like, from some aesthetic print to some spiritual design.

  1.  Embroider A Pair of Pants and Upcycle Thrifted Clothes

When you just don’t feel wearing normal jeans or you feel bored by the same jeans you wear, just paint it up with some quirky aesthetic designs and if you can’t think of designs, just take any from Pinterest. Paint patches with bright colours so that the jeans look something out of mind, some dapper vibes.

  1. Paint Old Shoes

This project also requires a bit of skill and creativity, but it can be done. Lots of old canvas shoes end up looking worse for wear after a bit of use. The old colours fade and the colours get a bit grimy. You can just pull of some out-of-range designs and turn your old, yellowed shoes to a bright -ones which go well with your outfit, ultimately giving you sense of being in a full, proper outfit.

  1. Add patches

Honestly, this is the simplest thing you can do to your clothes, which shall transform them totally. If you have a t-shirt or jeans that you feel loo dull, just buy patches or make your owns and stitch it to your cloth, that’s it. This just makes your job easier and makes your t-shirt or jeans look super attractive due to bright, artistic designs of the patches.

  1. Reach the highest level of creativity by creating décor accessories with old clothes

This is the most effective way of using clothes for your house décor and accessories. You can use your old, bright odd coloured t shirts to make cushion covers, stretched t shirts as headbands and tees as reusable cloth bags to be used day to day.

These ways are some of the most effective solutions to the load of your old clothes; these will save your space, money and most importantly the environment.

The world needs to follow this more now, but remember that it always starts with us. Once we use these techniques and tell our friends, family about all this, gradually it starts getting used by everyone.

The change in lifestyle like this is going to become more common down the lane in the next 10 years, so it’s better making ourselves in terms with it already.

Arham Shah


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